Response to What do you think of this? Bush insider reveals that Bush planned 9/11. Another conspriacy nut?

this isn't ment to be an answer...

bush didn't plan theses attackes, these attacks have been planned years before his time, maybe during the time when bushes grandfather was taking care of all hitler's finances, who eventually brought the bushes to power.

there is a big plan behind all this-do you not think so? maybe its the oil, i dont know.

But the main thing is that the american government can not be trusted by its own people or by the rest of the world. the american government backs countries today who torture people (i suppose the death penelty is just as bad) anyway cia planes have been bringing people over to such countries like egypt and syria to be tortured, but not only that they have been stopping in ireland shannon to refuel, now thwt is tragic when our government spends 10.000 euro a day for them to use the public airport.

Created By: Richard Carr