Response to Endless war is what they seek.

The IAAM(sic) is far from objective and balanced, and my uncivil comments, many times, have been directed at it, because I think it should "toughen up." As far as Vidal's book, there was a rather voluminous exchange of communication (s) between McVeigh and the author; it was revealing. Regarding the civil war which the occupying forces have encouraged, I choose not to comment, lest I promote, inadvertently, the idea of a preemptive strike, which much of the media does by delineating the awful sins of the "insurgents."  If an "appointed" politician deals with and revels in Zionist propaganda and intentions, and does not speak out against the occupation and subjugation of Palestinian people, he/she is a Zionist, notwithstanding a statement made claiming not to be. How many Zionist supporters in the US Congress are "admitted" Zionists? Is the Rev. (sic) Pat Robertson an admitted Zionist? Is Ariel Sharon, suffering in an Israeli hospital bed, an admitted Zionist?  Lastly, I do not support the death penalty either; the cycle must be broken. Exactly, what aspects of Zionism do you, Pat Nolan, support? Moreover, what aspects of Zionism do you repudiate?

Created By: Dr Raeder Anderson