Response to Endless war is what they seek.

Dr. Anderson, Im neither garrulous nor do I obfuscate. I keep to the point and to the facts. Its not me who posts dozens of pasting which have little or nothing to do with the war but seem to have much to do with a personal animus to Israel and Jewishness. The common position of the international community and of most of Israels neighbours except Syria and Iran is much he same as the US position for example as set out by GWB before the UN assembly in September 2002: "America stands committed to an independent and democratic Palestine, living side by side with Israel in peace and security." Historical Zionism has been fulfilled with the creation of the state of Israel. Zionism these days refers to the greater Israel movement but your conception of the word seems to be pretty wide. The greater Israel movement is a minority one internally and neither the support from fundamentalist Christians nor greater Israel Jews in the US influences US policy which is unwavering in favour of a two State solution to the problem. There is no other noteworthy external support. I conclude that the pervasiveness of Zionism is much less widespread than you suggest.

Created By: Pat Nolan