Response to TEST YOURSELF: Bin Laden's speech - where do I and Osama differ?

YEAH. It would be logical, but logic is a very scarce commodity here: The extreme left defended the USSR (the ones who invaded Afghanistan 1979- 89, remember?) throughout the Cold War (now conveniently forgotten) until the rotten communists were thrown out by PEOPLE POWER (i.e. they were NOT marching for the extreme left!). Deprived of dear old USSR, the extreme left then suddenly became obsessed with Human Rights and the Environment (never a top priority in the USSR), while 'transferred their affection' to another region not associated with Human Right and the Environment - to Arab and Islamist hard-liners (ironically, the very enemies of the USSR in Afghanistan, just a few years prior). Yes, some people are instinctively wrong - even when they reverse their position.

Created By: Christian FLH Borchsenius