Response to TEST YOURSELF: Bin Laden's speech - where do I and Osama differ?

Given that Bin Laden is now such getting such support on this site it would be even more illuminating to take a poll on the final logical step and endorse his or his followers various attacks for example in Kenya, Tanzania, NYC, DC, Bali, Amman, Madrid, London, Morocco, Egypt etc?
-- Pat Nolan, January 21, 2006

I have never read  anyone at this site agreeing with Osama bin Laden, and I do not either; I would like to know, however, the entire truth about his rise to iconship deluxe. Lastly, Pat Nolan and his puppy, Borchsenius, invent things about this site. Why do they visit then? Borchsenius says "we" are extremists on the fringe; I say he and Pat Nolan, his bitch, are interlopers and have a hidden agenda.  

Created By: Dr Raeder Anderson