Response to Israel will never withdraw from Palestinian land - Sharon

The Civil Administration of the IOF attacks defenseless Palestinian peasants.     By David Nir           February 14th, 06 
on February 8th, around noon, five army vehicles and a wheeled bulldozer approached the site where the shacks of the members of the Meidane Family were located in the valley three km's East of Akrabe and not far from the settlement Gitit.
Without any explanation  and without  presenting any documents the soldiers grabbed the four men (father and three sons ) residing in the shacks, handcuffed them, removed the other family members from the shacks and then the bulldozer proceeded to demolish the modest structures, crushing as well the entire household within which the soldiers allowed no option for their removal. The bulldozer then proceeded to crash the family's three sheep sheds and their enclosing fences.
One of the brothers, Jihad, who tried to protest verbally, was arrested and is since  in Ariel's police detention cell. 
The region of the shacks has been inhabited by the local Palestinians for many generations, many of them were even born in them. The shacks are very modest structures and serve their owners for a period of nine to ten months a year. Some of the families live in the shacks all year around. Their inhabitants have been repeatedly harassed in recent years by both settlers and soldiers. 
Most probably this very brutal action is another step targeted at driving away the land owners and stealing their land. 
As I have been told by one of the shepherds, the loss of the large grazing grounds in that area could deliver a crushing blow to the sheep growers from the towns and villages of Akrabe, Beit Furik and also Beit Dajan.
Source: From one of those attacked

Israeli soldiers shoot student in face
Muhammed Ahmed Al Jabiry, 17, was sitting in his school bus, on his way to school Tuesday morning, when he was shot in the face by an Israeli soldier. The bus was bringing kids from their homes in Al Arroub Refugee Camp to Beit Amir High School was stopped by Israeli soldiers Tuesday morning for a search. The students were forced to get off the bus and searched one by one, a common occurrence in occupied Palestine, even for small children under the age of 10.

(ILLEGAL) Settlers storm Beit Furik neighborhood
Hanany explained that a group of approximately 50 settlers stormed the area, destroying the villagers’ property and fresh water springs. Hanany said initially, Israeli soldiers did not intervene to stop the violence. However, the Israeli army eventually called in Israeli police enforcements

Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian woman
Israeli soldiers have shot dead a Palestinian woman next to her home near the border fence with Israel, Israeli and Palestinian security sources say. Nayfa Abu Imsaa'id, 25, and her friend were tending to some goats in an an area just east of the central Gaza town of Dair al-Balah on Monday when she was killed

Hebron family traumatized after Shabbat attack
However, in Hebron, members of the local Palestinian community know all-too-well that Jewish settlers often commit their most violent crimes on Shabbat.  Ahmed Hadad, an 11-year-old H2 resident, is one of the most recent victims of this recurring settler violence.

Detainees in Shatta appeal for better conditions
Palestinian detainees in Shatta detention facility in Bissan appealed humanitarian organizations to pressure the Israeli Prison Authorities to improve their living conditions, and stop the daily attacks and abuse they are subjected to.

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