Response to SWP - Did the Holocaust really happen?

I never claimed to be an authority or spokesman on Catholicism but I do know that the poisonous sentiments for example in your posts on The Jewish Banker Conspiracy; The Zioist (sic) Crime Syndicate (sic) and An Esay for Deholyhoaxdetoxification (sic) are completely and utterly at odds with everything modern Catholicism stands for. The dissemination of these sentiments are the opposite of modern catholic teaching and practice on the subject Judaism, ecumenism, the requirements for truth, charity and the prohibition on bearing false witness to mention but a few. The last posting I listed in particular is a despicable attempt to foster hatred against Jews by Christians. For instance this - Quote: The Talmud boasts that Jews did kill Jesus and that he is now in hell boiling away in excrement and semen. Mary, his mother, was a whore who had sexual intercourse with animals. (unquote) Have you no shame? An educated man who protests his religious sensibilities and practice and yet spews out this hateful bile?

Created By: Pat Nolan