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«Sunday April 05, 2009»
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details of travel plans to Strasbourg.

(1) We have booked a 34-seater bus to take us directly from Dublin to
Strasbourg and back. We will be leaving Dublin Port for Holyhead on
Thursday April 2nd at 8.30 . Those travelling should attempt to be
there an hour before. Our expected arrival time in Strasbourg  is
lunchtime on the Friday. We will set off on our return journey in late
afternoon  on Sunday April 5th after the end of the workshops,
meetings etc. The all inclusive cost of the return journey is €168.00
. There are about 20 people who have definitely said they were coming
- we need another dozen or so. I am particularly asking friends in the
political organisations to respond. The planning group has organised a
whole set of leafletting sessions during forthcoming events.
(2) We have booked for the Friday and Saturday night 10 double rooms
with twin beds in the Hotel de l'Arc-en-ciel (18 rue de la Tour) which
is 15 mins walk from the city centre. One of the double rooms will be
taken by the two bus drivers so we have 18 beds available. The cost
for the two nights is €96 per person - including breakfast . Please
indicate if you want to book as half the cost has been already paid.

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NATO conference, Strasburg. 4-5 April 2009

The eastwards push of NATO is the prime cause of the recent war in the Caucasus.
UK foreign secretary David Miliband is   particularly keen to rush through
Georgia's membership of NATO. This is despite many commentators pointing out that,  
if Georgia had been a NATO member when its invasion of South Ossetia provoked a Russian response, all the countries in the alliance would have been obligated to go to war with Russia -- in other words, it could have led to World War III.

Next year is the 60th anniversary of NATO's formation and it will be celebrated as an organisation founded to preserve peace. In reality it is engaged in spreading
conflict and war well beyond the countries of the north Atlantic. Antiwar  
and peace movements across Europe are organising a call for an end to NATO expansion

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