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«November 19, 2009 - December 19, 2009»
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Start: 10:30

Speaker: Alex Callinicos

Venue: Ashling Hotel, Dublin (beside Heuston Station)

Date: 10:30 21st November 2009

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Start: 14:30

Speaker: Liam Cummins

Venue: Ashling Hotel, Dublin (beside Heuston Station)

Date: 14:30 22nd November 2009


Start: 15:45



Speaker: Richard Boyd Barrett (Chair of the Irish Anti-War Movement)

Speaker: Memet Uludag (Irish Anti-War Movement Steering Committee)

Venue: Ashling Hotel, Dublin (beside Heuston Station)

Date: 15:45 22nd November 2009

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Start: 16:30




Meeting British soldier who refuses to return to Afghanistan. 
Public Meeting 
Saturday December 5th, 2009
16.30Central Hotel, Dublin 2


Video of Corp. Glenton Speaking During StWC Demo in London 24/10

The Irish Anti War movement is pleased to welcome to Dublin British serviceman, Lance Corporal Joe Glenton, a courageous objector to the NATO led occupation of Afghanistan.

At the risk of imprisonment, Joe Glenton feels he can no longer be part of this phoney war on terror. He will recount how his experience of the new military surge in Afghanistan proved to be the final straw and he could do it no more.

Ireland too has blood on its hands. Military personnel are aiding "counter-insurgency" in Afghanistan. Joe Glenton's stand is a heroic example for all of those military who can no longer support this costly, inhumane and unwinable war.

Start: 19:00

After 6 months of fundraising, 4 teams from all across Ireland will leave their hometowns on Friday December 4th, to travel 4,000 miles to Gaza, to deliver Ambulances and Humanitarian aid to the stricken region. They will then leave Ireland (via Dublin Port) at 9pm on Saturday 5th December.

There will be a short 'send off' and photo opportunity taking place at 7pm in the Dublin Port Topaz Service Station (at the intersection of Bond Drive and Promenade St - map here:

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Start: 18:30

Danbar Toys, an Israeli company selling remote control toys, are now trading in the Blanchardstown shopping Centre.  All products bear the '729' Israeli barcode.
I have been in touch with The Northside People newspaper about this and they have agreed to cover the story. They have asked that we organise a short demonstration out side the shopping centre in order to produce a good photo opportunity and a focal point for the story.
This protest is planned for 6.30-7pm on Wednesday 9th December at the Blue Entrance to the shopping centre (near the cimenas, theatre and Leasureplex). It will not be a loud or obtrusive gathering, but we hope that the impact of the media coverage will raise awareness of Israel's apartheid regime and the BDS campaign.
Please contact 0861260359 if you plan to attend and circulate notification of this demonstration to anyone you think would be interested in attending.

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Start: 14:00
A vigil to protest peacefully against the use of Shannon Airport by US military planes illegally transferring civilians to secret detention centres around the world without charge or trial.

The Government must admit that Shannon Airport was used as a launching pad for rendition operations by the CIA and act to ensure this can never happen again. Rather than rely on assurances from foreign administrations, the Irish Government must be confident that our own systems and laws can prevent this illegal practice.

Although President Obama's Executive Order 'Ensuring Lawful Interrogations' ends the CIA's programme of long-term secret detention it does not end the practice of rendition. The order allows the CIA to use detention facilities on a short-term basis, or to use foreign-controlled facilities to detain and interrogate individuals.

Join this peaceful vigil to call for the indefinite end to rendition through Ireland.

Who: Amnesty International activists join with other human rights defenders. All welcome.

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