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«Saturday March 12, 2011»
Start: 12:00
End: 13:30

National Demonstration in support of the Libyan Uprising, Saturday 12 March, 12.00 noon, Central Bank, Dame Street, Dublin 

The Libyan people, having being inspired by the revolts of ordinary citizens in neighbouring countries, have been in intense struggle for weeks to overthrow the dictatorial regime of Col.Gadafi. They struggle for democracy and for the peaceful transition to a socially just society in the future.  

They have been met with military brutality, including the shooting and bombing of innocent unarmed people. 

Start: 13:00
End: 16:00

Israeli Apartheid Week 2011: CRH Complicity With Israeli Apartheid Information Stall


IPSC INFORMATION STALL: From 1-4pm on Saturday 12th March there will be an IPSC information distribution stall and ‘mock checkpoint’ taking place at the Stephen’s Green end of Grafton Street.

We will be highlighting the role of Irish multinational CRH in facilitating Israeli Apartheid and human rights abuses against Palestinians through its failure to comply with international law due to its awareness of, proximity to and financial benefit derived from the construction of Israel’s illegal apartheid wall, colonial settlements, settler-only roads and light rail system. For background see

Start: 15:00
End: 18:30

Press Statement:



Irish Anti War Movement

Revolutions in Egypt and the Arab World

Wassim Wagdy, well known Egyptian activist
Anne Alexander, writer on Egypt and the Middle East
Richard Boyd Barrett T.D.
and speakers from Libya

3-4.30: The Egyptian Revolution
5-6.30: Uprisings in Libya and the Arab world and the dangers of Western Intervention

SATURDAY, 12 MARCH 3–6.30pm

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