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«January 12, 2012 - February 11, 2012»
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Start: 13:00
End: 15:30

The Irish Anti-War Movement will hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 28th January 2012 in Liberty Hall Dublin starting at 1pm. For details of who can attend and submit resolutions at the AGM see below. A full agenda will be available soon.  To be kept up-to-date please join our mailing list or monitor this page.

Directly after the AGM there will be a Public Forum "The Arab Spring One Year On" also in Liberty Hall for more details on this go to:


 This will be available shortly.


Start: 16:00
End: 18:00

On the 1st anniversary of 25th January Revolution the Irish Anti-War Movement, in conjunction with the Islamic Foundation in Ireland (South Circular Mosque) and Islamic Cultural Centre (Clonskeagh Mosque) is co-hosting a "Forum on the Arab Spring: One Year On".

Date: Saturday 28th Jan 4pm - 6pm.  

Location: Liberty Hall Dublin

Cost of Entry: FREE


  • Anas Al Tikriti
  • Dr Faheen Bukhata
  • Prof. Philip Marfleet 
  • Judith Orr. 

Chair: Richard Boyd Barrett TD

Further details will be supplied closer to the event.

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Start: 15:00
End: 17:00


In a statement released today the Irish Anti-war Movement expressed condolences to the families and loved ones of the football fans killed in Port Said on Wednesday night, expressed concern at the obvious organized nature of the attacks and called for a picket at the Egyptian Embassy in Dublin to protest against the Massacre.

The statement continued by noting that:
“There is so much circumstantial evidence to suggest that this was not regular football banter and violence. Eyewitnesses claim that the crowd was not searched as they entered, there were many strange faces in the crowd, the police left many of the entry gates to the pitch open, those who attacked the Ahli fans were heavily armed, the security forces did not respond when the attacks occurred and the army did not try to open the exit gates which had been locked. In addition both the Governor and Chief of Police of Port Said did not attend the match, which is very odd given that they attend all the games.”

Follow this link to eyewitness report ¬-

John Molyneux, from the Steering Committee of the IAWM noted that:
“This was clearly an organised attack with the connivance of the military/police, directed at the 'Ultras' football supporters who played a leading role in the overthrow of Mubarak and have recently been chanting anti-SCAF slogans at matches.”

Asmaa Nasser, member of the IAWM and of the Egyptian Community in Ireland said:

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Start: 16:00
End: 17:30

Solidarity with Egyptian Revolution Picket at Egyptian Embassy, Clyde Rd. Saturday 11 February at 4pm   On 11 Feb 2011, one year ago, Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarak was  brought down by the Egyptian people, but Egypt is still under military rule and protestors and revolutionaries are still be being killed, tortured and arrested including the 74 who were killed, with police complicity, at the Port Said football match and at least 12 others killed in the protests that followed. However the Egyptian Revolution is continuing and on Saturday  in Egypt there will be mass strikes and demonstrations demanding an end to military rule. Please join the picket of the Egyptian Embassy at 4pm this Saturday Please forward Called by Irish Anti War Movement

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