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«Saturday March 31, 2012»
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Hundreds of community organizations in dozens of countries spanning the globe have decided to participate in a massive Global March to Jerusalem on March 30, 2012.  The march is being organized by Palestinians and their supporters representing communities throughout all of Palestine, the surrounding countries and the diaspora, with participation by solidarity organizations around the world.  It commemorates Palestinian Land Day, when Israeli forces killed six Palestinians, wounded more than 100, and arrested hundreds more in 1976, while they were peacefully protesting the confiscation of thousands of dunams of Palestinian land from Palestinian citizens of Israel.

The intention is to march from many starting points and converge on Jerusalem, either reaching that destination or getting as close to it as possible.  Although nonviolent resistance has a long history in Palestine, this is the first time the entire Palestinian community has mobilized in a massive nonviolent action since the Palestinian general strike of 1936.

Is this the equivalent of a Palestinian Tahrir Square? Or a civil rights March on Washington?  History will be the judge, but a key element will be the support and participation of solidarity groups throughout the world.  Accordingly, regional associations have been formed in Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and other regions.  These associations are helping to form delegations that will participate side by side with the marchers in Palestine and neighboring countries, and will facilitate marches and demonstrations in the major cities of their home countries.  Many of them have established regional websites and social media to coordinate these functions.

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