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«Sunday June 10, 2012»
Start: 13:00
End: 00:34

Sunday 10th June 1pm Tuam Road, Riverside entrance.
contact 087 9159787

In response to the raid by the Gardai Special Branch on the home of GAAW member & spokesperson, Niall Farrell, on Thursday last, Galway’s local peace group intends to protest outside the homes of government TDs in Galway beginning tomorrow, Sund...ay. During the raid on Mr Farrell’s home 3 computers were seized, one of which is urgently needed by Dr Farrell - Mr Farrell’s wife - for her work.
The family home of Labour TD Derek Nolan will be targeted at 1pm tomorrow.

Mr Farrell told the media that the raid on his home was “deeply political”:
“This was a political raid on my family’s home, it was a direct attack by the government on the peace movement, which has consistently opposed for a decade Ireland’s complicity in the illegal “war on terror”- a war that has led to the killing of more that 1million innocent people. I wish to make it clear that we will not allow the government parties to intimidate us. If they think they can use their political police to violate the sanctity of our homes, then we will bring our protests to the doorsteps of the politicians in Galway West whose government has sanctioned this assault on our human rights.
This political harassment is ominously reminiscent of the FG/Labour coalition of the 1970s.
We would call on people who support our right to peaceful protest to assemble tomorrow at 1pm at the entrance to the Riverside Estate on the Tuam Road Galway, to march to the family home of Labour TD Derek Nolan.

“We would remind people in Galway, city and county, that although the Gardai are under-resourced valuable police time is wasted on harassment of political opponents of the government.

Start: 14:00
End: 15:30

Regular vigil to protest against the US military use of Shannon Airport and the failure to investigate and end rendition flights.

The vigil will take place from 2pm to 3pm on Sunday 10th June at the usual place -  just before the airport entrance (gather at the small roundabout).

The US military continue to use Shannon Airport to move their troops  to and from the failed occupation of Afghanistan. Ireland still supports the most militarized nation on earth, the US, and Shannon ferries weapons and troops (maybe even killer drones) to its warzones. If another war - like an ill conceived invasion of Iran - were to take place, Shannon and Ireland would almost certainly be involved. We need to continue our protests and to ensure this does not happen.
For more information see or phone 087 8225087.
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