Mubarak's Last Card - from THE CAIRO CONFERENCE - 020211

Mubarak's Last Card

Though Mubarak's regime takes its last breaths it still begs for life resorting to thugs and thieves who form his rescue teams to abort the ِpeaceful Egyptian revolution and wreak havoc and murder.. Perhaps what happened yesterday in Tahrir Square stands out as an ugly witness to the extent of weakness of the regime and helplessness.

Here we point out to the million and a half police forces who exhaust most of Egypt's resources since the regime fears opposition while it doesn't pay any attention to the neighboring Zionist State.

The whole world saw on live TV the criminals associated with Mubarak attack the peaceful honest protestors on horseback and riding camels, using weapons, throwing molotov, shooting live ammunition in the practical absence of the military forces that stand observing as if from a balcony, a scene that shows the extent degeneration that the regime has reached.

Then it is a war..the last battle of the regime before it leaves the arena to rightful rulers .. and leaves the power to the people the source of all authorities

But the people who surpassed their fears, conquered their executioners and revolted in the face of the most powerful machinery of oppression and tyranny risking their lives will not halt their revolution.

The Egyptian are changing the face of history and writing the end of Mubarak the dictator with the blood of their martyrs