VOTE NO. 1 FOR ANTI-WAR CANDIDATES IN ELECTION NEXT FRIDAY The Steering Committee of the Irish Anti-war Movement is calling on its members and supporters to vote for those candidates who have a track record of campaigning on anti-war and social justice issues.  Among other anti-war candidates, Richard Boyd Barrett, Chair of the Irish Anti-war Movement and candidate for People Before Profit, is standing in the Dun Laoighaire - Rathdown constituency as part of the United Left Alliance (ULA). He and other anti-war candidates, if elected, will be in a strong position to hold the Irish Government to account on the following issues: the continued use of Shannon Airport by the US Military and by rendition flights Ireland's clandestine support for the  war in Afghanistan through the presence of Irish soldiers in the NATO led International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) the increasing militarisation of Europe and the sinister influence of NATO the continued inaction against the appalling injustices suffered by the people of Palestine the embarrassed silence and duplicity of western political leaders, including those in Ireland, at the current momentous struggle of ordinary Arab people against despotic regimes Many good anti-war candidates are standing in various constituencies. There is a strong chance of many of these anti-war candidates being elected in this historic election. This will mean that there will be a coherent block of anti-war candidates in the next Dáil who will argue against the wanton waste of militarisation, occupation and war.   Please give your No. 1 preference to these anti-war candidates. Ask your colleagues and friends to do likewise. We need to have strong voices in the Dáil to stop the terror of war.