‘The Horrible History of the House of Windsor’ public meeting Galway

Professor to speak on ‘The Horrible History of the House of Windsor’.
Saturday 14th May 8pm Richardsons meeting room, corner house Eyre Square, Galway City.

Professor John Newsinger, a prominent British historian & Professor from Bath University, is visiting Ireland to speak on the ‘horrible history’ of the British monarchy. The speaking tour takes place just before the forthcoming visit of British Queen Elizabeth to our shores.
Professor Newsinger will give an open lecture in Galway and will also address audiences in Dublin,Cork, and Belfast on the tour.

Professor Newsinger is the author of "The Blood Never Dried- A People’s History of the British Empire". He has also written extensively on Irish history with books on "The United Irishman", and "Rebel City" which describes Dublin in 1913. A new updated edition of his "British Counterinsurgency" is due out in 2012.

In a statement, the tour organiser, Gino Kenny, a local councillor for the People Before Profit Alliance in the Clondalkin area of Dublin, said,

‘At a time when this country is suffering terrible cutbacks, taxpayers’ money should not be spent on the pomp and security of a royal visit. The millions of euro that this tour will cost would be far better spent opening the long promised cystic fibrosis unit".

Those who oppose this tour are being  framed as backward looking or as dissident nationalists by the establishment politicians and media.

Gino Kenny continued,

'We invite people to attend these lectures to hear how the British monarchy has long been a symbol of empire and pomp. Unfortunately, we are again living in an era where there is another attempt to exonerate the imperial role of Western nations. The myth of the ‘white man’s burden’ is again being played out in the killing fields of the Middle East where the British army uses the pretext of humanitarianism and democratic values to take control of parts of the world they have no business being in. It should not be forgotten that Elizabeth Windsor is the commander-in-chief of this army.
Many of the tactics of state terror which the British army employed in Northern Ireland have not yet been brought to the surface and that in itself makes this visit inappropriate.'

The meetings are being organised by the Socialist Workers Party to give people an opportunity to share their disgust with this invite endorsing empire. We will be calling on people across the country to make known their opposition to the visit in a peaceful yet resolute manner in remembrance of all who have died at the hands of "Her Majesty's" armed forces.