Heroes or Traitors: Vanunu & Manning

Saturday 4th June 3pm. ‘The Man with No Secrets’ reading with music.
Studio Theatre in Town Hall Theatre, Galway.

Felicity Heathcote’s short allegorical play captures the emotions, voices and inhumanity surrounding injustice and abuse by the State.
The play is based on the experience of Mordechai Vanunu, a humanitarian to opponents of nuclear weaponry worldwide, but a traitor in the eyes of his homeland state of Israel.

The programme also includes short videos, on Mordechai Vanunu and on Bradley Manning, the young US soldier incarcerated in a military jail accused of leaking to
Wikileaks the video ‘Collateral Damage.’

Man’s inhumanity to Man when truth terrifies the State.

Sponsored by –
Galway Alliance Against War,The Western Writers’ Centre, Women in Media & Entertainment