All Irish activists detained in an Israel now back in Ireland

All 14 Irish activists who were detained in an Israeli prison for almost a week have arrived back in Dublin.

Most of the group touched down at Dublin airport 11/11/11, with five others arriving home late last night 10/11.

The crew members of Irish vessel the MV Saoirse were intercepted by Israeli authorities in international waters last Friday, as they tried to bring aid to the people of Gaza.

MEP Paul Murphy, who was one of the crew detained, has been speaking of his ordeal upon his arrival back in Dublin this evening.

He said that they were treated very badly by Israeli authorities.

"We were brought to a prison where, again, the conditions initially anyway were horrific, where we were locked in for 21 hours out of 24 hours of a day," he said.

"The lights were kept on at night to keep people from sleeping, people were asked to stand up for attention up to five times during the night.

"We were allowed one three-minute phone call that was monitored, and was told not to be political and only to our family in the course of the entire week that we were held in detention."