Iraqi tells Barack Obama you are withdrawing from my country in shame and defeat - Sami Ramadami - 161211

Iraqi tells Barack Obama you are withdrawing from my country in shame and defeat
16 December 2011     Sami Ramadani     Iraq

By Sami Ramadani
Stop the War Coalition
16 December 2011

On 14 December 2011, President Obama addressed a crowd of US soldiers who had just come back from Iraq. He tried to cheer them up by declaring that they had returned home in honour and victory. Just like Bush before him, Obama's idea of honour and declarations of victory rest on dubious political morality, driven by the needs of an uncontrollable death machine: a military-industrial complex that feeds on war and destruction. Iraqi dissident and exile Sami Ramadani says Obama, who initially opposed the Iraq war, today enthusiastically continues the policies of the two war criminals, Bush and Blair.

Obama 'accomplishes' George W Bush's 'mission'

Dear Mr Obama,
There is absolutely nothing honourable or victorious in blockading a people for 13 years (1991-2003) and causing the death of half a million of its children; invading and occupying (2003) another country for nearly nine bloody years; killing more than a million of its people; turning millions of its children into orphans; turning hundreds of thousands of its adults into widows; destroying its infrastructure; wiping out its essential public services; making millions of its young people unemployed; impoverishing most of the people the people of one of the world's richest countries; letting in al-Qaida-style terrorist gangs to saw division and sectarian strife; deploying tens of thousands of ruthless mercenaries contracted to the Pentagon; creating a political process and a constitution that rests and feeds on sectarian and ethnic divisions, relying on corrupt political parties and leaders; attempting to take full control over Iraq's oil and gas reserves and production; sending young Americans to their deaths in aggressive military adventures; erecting a monument for US imperialist designs under the guise of an embassy that will use 15,000 personnel in the Baghdad's Green Zone...

Which of the above, Mr. Obama, is an honourable act or a sign of victory? And where did you refer to the pack of lies that the US administration used to invade Iraq, or the fact that throughout the 1980's the US backed and armed Saddam's dictatorship ?
The truth is that despite being wounded a thousand times, the heroic Iraqi people have defeated the mighty US death machine on the soil of Mesopotamia.

The Iraqi people, supported by the overwhelming majority of the peoples across the world, refused to kneel before the tanks of the occupation forces. They rose in resistance and opposition and forced a change of direction in Washington, even before you took office.
The truth is, Mr. Obama, though you were opposed to the initial decision to launch the 2003 war of aggression on Iraq, you are today enthusiastically continuing the policies of the two war criminals, Bush and Blair.

You are now preaching for war on Iran, attempting to ignite civil war in Syria, backing Israeli suppression of the Palestinian people, and backing Saudi and Qatari dictators to thwart and hijack the uprisings of the Arab peoples against  the assortment of dictatorships that the US had installed or backed for decades.

The truth is, Mr. Obama, the US is now attempting to control Iraq by using its so called embassy, tens of thousands of mercenaries, thousands of spies and corrupt Iraqi political forces that answer to Washington.

America aims to use the Strategic Framework Agreement to tie Iraq to the US economically, militarily and culturally. It has tried to do this through occupation, now it is trying to do it by stealth.

But the Iraqi people are saying no, and America will be defeated again in its latest attempt to dominate our country.