to Irish President re: Shannon warplane incident, from Denis Halliday

The President of Ireland
Michael D. Higgins

Dear Mr. President,

Firstly may I wish you and your family a wonderful family Christmas. And secondly and belatedly, may I wish you all success in your endeavours to be Present for all of us, all the people of Ireland.

This is a time for wisdom and balanced leadership at the top. There could no better man than your goodself.

As you may be aware, a US war plane was deliberately damaged recently at Shannon by concerned citizens acting in the spirit of the Nurnberg Principles. Under these Principles, as you know full well, Irish citizens have an obligation to prevent war crimes committed in the name of Ireland. This is the case when the Irish Government, by allowing Shannon to be used by American forces (some two million given hospitality to and from the killing fields of Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere) makes we Irish complicit in the war crimes of the United States.

I understand some minimal media coverage provided has disparaged the non-violent protest as "vandalism" . This is unfortunate as it fails to show to the majority in Ireland and our friends overseas that we Irish remain militarily neutral and do not approve or support wars of opportunity and aggression. Passively or otherwise, we do not engage in crimes against peace or humanity.

Mr. President, a word from you drawing attention to this courageous and entirely appropiate action at Shannon
would be significant for Ireland's image as a peace loving country.
Ireland must stand tall as a country committed to decency and civilised behaviour, respectful of human rights at home and abroad.

Yours sincerely,

Denis J. Haliday
admirer, friend and former UN Assistant Secretary-General
Effective immediately