Irish Anti War Movement AGM 2nd December 2006

1. Proposer; June Kelly Independent member of the IAWM
1.  To oppose all wars for resources and territorial gains and strategic military purposes on the part of the imperialist powers/forces.

2. To oppose attacks and restrictions placed on civil liberties and human rights globally which were carried out and/or in place prior to the start of the so-called War On Terror.
3. To show solidarity with people across the world seeking to rid themselves of enslavement to powers of exploitation and imperialism.
4. To oppose foreign interference in another country's national affairs such as the changing and/or drawing up of national Constitution - For example, the new Constitution for Iraq is illegal under International Law as every domestic law changed or re written by an occupying power is illegal.
3. Proposer; Kieran Allen
The Irish Anti War Movement defends the right of countries that are invaded and occupied to resist invasion and occupation.
The IAWM does not believe we must put conditions on our support for the genuine resistance of an occupied or invaded people. While the IAWM has always condemned, and continues to condemn, terrorist attacks on civilians from whatever quarter, the IAWM rejects the charge that the resistance in Iraq, for example, are all terrorists.
While sectarian terrorist groups undoubtedly exist, we do not regard them as part of the genuine resistance. Indeed there is considerable evidence to suggest many are sinister figures operating with the tacit collusion of the occupiers and their agents.
The IAWM applauds the decision of the Steering Committee to organise the highly successful tour of Ireland by Ibrahim Mousawi of Hizbollah TV station Al Manar in Lebanon.
Hizbollah fighters enjoyed the support of 80% of the Lebanese population in their resistance to Israeli invasion. The IAWM defends that resistance which forced Israel to retreat. None of this commits the IAWM to supporting or taking any attitude toward the political programme or tactics of Hizbollah. In the same way we look forward to organising tours of Hamas and other important figures from the resistance to occupation in the future.
2. Proposer; RICHARD BOYD BARRETT (Chair of IAWM & Steering Committee)
The reverses for US imperialism and its allies over Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon have resulted from the resistance in those countries and the international anti-war movement. The Republican Party defeat in the US Mid Term elections are one aspect of the permanent political crisis faced by Bush and Blair as a result of the escalating resistance in the occupied countries and the scale of anti-war protest across the world.

If the US and its allies were forced to withdraw this would represent an enormous defeat for imperialism. Despite what appears to be a strategic re-think among the US administration, the stakes for the US are too high for it to willingly withdraw. This creates a dangerous situation which could see an escalation of assaults on Iraqis by US forces, partition of the country on a sectarian and ethnic basis with all the dangers of increased strife that entails, or attacks on Iran. Only continued resistance in the occupied countries and continued anti-war mobilisation on the broadest possible basis across the world can bring about a defeat for US led imperialism.
This will demand a growing and vibrant anti war movement for a long time into the future. It will require stategy and tactics aimed at deepening the political crisis faced by the warmongers and collaborators such as the Irish government.
·      The IAWM joins those other voices demanding an immediate withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, as the precondition for bringing genuine self-determination, peace and stability to those countries.
·      The IAWM commits itself to building up and expanding local IAWM groups and affiliates in all sectors of society.
·      The IAWM commits itself to tactics aimed at the widest possible organisation and mobilisation of anti-war sentiment as the key to defeating the war agenda and the collaboration of the Irish government at Shannon airport.
3. Proposer; Ross Ireland, Kinsale
May I please however propose a further "aim" to be included in the
"To promote the concept and raise awareness that all human life has the same
value regardless of origin and that the practice of western media and
Politicians ignoring this is unacceptable." (or something similar)
I realize that this is effectively covered by the aim of ending inequality
but I feel very strongly that if "we" all considered "them" to be more like
"us" the true horror of what "we" are doing and helping to be done would be
better understood
A typical example is John Reid being widely quoted during the recent attack
scares as saying that the planned attacks, had they been successful, would
have lead to ".....loss of life on an unprecedented scale..."
This statement actually meant "....loss of our lives.... etc..." and this
type of message is spread daily without being contradicted
Ross Ireland, Kinsale

1. Proposer; Jacqueline Fallon
A motion that an equal number of protests be held outside the British Embassy as well as the US Embassy.
That smaller and regular monthly protests be held outside Leinster House (with stalls on Grafton Street) emphasising the support of those inside the House for the war by facilitating the war on Iraq by permitting the US army to use Irish airports against the wishes of the majority of the Irish people.
2. Proposer; Dette Mc Loughlin, swp branch, galway
The Irish Anti-War Movement (IAWM) agrees to back, join, or lead campaigns, as appropriate, to rid our skies of foreign military warplanes. This includes Irish air-space being used for travel by foreign warplanes and rendition flights and the use of foreign warplanes in airshow displays e.g. the annual Salthill Airshow in Galway.
3. Proposer; Willy Cumming (Dublin North Central)
The IAWM notes with extreme concern the demonisation of the Islamic world and Islamic communities by the Bush/Blair axis and in SECTIONS OF the media. The IAWM deplores the characterisation of Islamic believers as “extremist: and “terrorist”.
In the face of the rise of Islamophobia, the IAWM recognises the need to counter this and commits itself to building a broad based conference with Islamaphobia as one of the key themes and to include contributors from the Islamic community in Ireland, in the next few months.
4. Proposer; Dette Mc Laughlin (Member of Galway Alliance Against War, personal capacity)
The Irish Anti War Movement (IAWM) applauds the actions of the Raytheon 9 in undertaking a peaceful protest against the Derry arms manufacturer Raytheon during the Israeli assault on Lebanon in the summer of 2006
The IAWM expresses its outrage at the serious charges these protestors face as a consequence of their legitimate protest.
The IAWM commits itself to building the defence of these anti-war activists on the widest possible basis throughout the 32 counties including:
·      collecting signatures for the petition demanding the dropping of the charges;
·      organising fundraising and support socials, gigs and other events;
·      building for a national protest in Derry when their cases come to trial
·      organising speaking tours of members of the Raytheon 9, and other publicity events.
·      widely distributing leaflets and other publicity material.
·      contacting trades councils throughout Ireland to raise and support the Raytheon 9 campaign, and raise awareness through their local constituent trade unions.
·      publicise the Raytheon 9 case throughout the global anti-war network, seeking solidarity support.
5. Proposer; Michael Youlton (IAWM Steering Committee)
That the IAWM strategy over the next period incorporates as a priority the political and organisational unification of the wider anti-war movement organisations and groups in Ireland, both north and south, that have a common objective; the end of the use of Shannon and Baldonnel airports as war-ports and are active in opposition to the Empire’s wars.  In order to do so, for the incoming Steering Committee to discuss and implement immediately specific actions, e.g theme conferences, public debates and one-to-one discussions in order to achieve this strategic objective. Our stated priority of making Shannon + Baldonnel an election issue to be incorporated in this vision.
6. Proposer; Pat O Sullivan (Cork Alliance Against War)
The Irish Anti War Movement recognises the struggle for justice of the Palestinian people is central to the global anti war movement.
In Ireland, branches of the IAWM should embrace the call for the boycott of Israeli products and actively participate in campaigns aimed at promoting the boycott of Israeli products.
1. Proposer; Dette Mc Loughlin, member of Galway Alliance against War (personal capacity)
The Irish Anti-War Movement (IAWM) is quite rightly involved in the campaign to "Make Shannon an Election Issue".
In order to achieve this the issue of Shannon as a Warport must be raised in people's consiousness on a constant basis between now and the general election.
Therefore the IAWM proposes that:
1. car/door/window stickers and envelope stickers be designed and distributed for use nationally, along with the possibility of bill board adds, newspaper adds etc..
2. press releases be dispatched regularly for local usage,each covering one or more of the broad range of arguements why Shannon should be an election issue.
3. sympathetic election candidates be approached to include the issue of Shannon in their campaign material and speeches.
2. Proposer; Kieran O Sullivan (IAWM Steering Committee)
General Elections
1.  The IAWM shall support any candidate who opposes war and who conforms to the principles laid down in our constitution.  Provided that such candidates gives a guarantee that they shall not go into coalition with or support any government, which allows Irish facilities to be used by the US military.
2.  The IAWM shall actively campaign against any candidate who refuses to give a guarantee that they will make it a condition of their participation in the next government that the US military is not permitted to use any Irish facilities.
3. Proposer; Pat O Sullivan (Cork Alliance Against War)
The IAWM will endorse those candidates who have given a clear and unambiguous commitment on the use of Shannon (by signing the Stop Bush Campaign Pledge) and have a record of opposing the war, working with the anti war movement and opposing the use of Shannon by US troops.
4. Proposer; Kevin Wingfield (IAWM Steering Committee)
The IAWM commits itself to Making Shannon an Election Issue in the forthcoming general election in the South.

The IAWM will work with PANA and the NGO PA (the Stop Bush Campaign) to establish constituency groups throughout the country to push the Pledge agreed by the three organisations. This will involve:
(a) The IAWM and its allies approaching the political parties centrally to determine if they will sign the Pledge;
(b) The IAWM will help establish local constituency groups of the Stop Bush Campaign to approach every candidate and to publicise the result.
(c) Through this work to build more local IAWM groups which can pursue other initiatives as well.
Whilst the wording of the Pledge is agreed between the IAWM, PANA and NGO PA, we understand that even those politicians who say they oppose the war and the use of Shannon Airport by the US military, may find any opportunity to backtrack. IAWM members and supporters should therefore go further and demand at public meetings of election candidates that they give a clear commitment to vote against any proposed Taoiseach who is not bound to a commitment to shut Shannon to US warplanes.

1. Proposer; Dette Mc Loughlin
on behalf of SWP Galway Branch.
Irish Anti-War Movement Website
The Irish Anti-War Movement website is a valuable tool for spreading the anti-war message throughout Ireland and abroad, for attracting new activists, and educating and informing readers.
Therefore the site needs to be:
·      up-to-date at all times;
·      user friendly;
·      interesting enough to visit regularly with a variety of materials and resources such as photographs of local/national activities, music, poetry, book reviews, film reviews, actual links to other relevant sites; and all regional groups encouraged to list all anti-war events happening in their areas.
The incoming IAWM Steering committee will look into the feasibility of making this a reality.
2. Proposer; Dette Mc Loughlin. Galway
Conference recognises the excellent work carried out by the Chairperson and Steering Committee of the Irish Anti-war Movement (IAWM) over the last year. The credentials and variety of speakers for public meeting tours is to be especially commended.

However, it can be annoying and frustrating and time consuming for regional anti-war groups not to be able to contact the chairperson for information, or to contact the IAWM office only to establish that the personnel do not have necessary details or information available. It is also disillusioning if one e-mails through the IAWM site for information and the e-mail is not replied to. Conference recognises the need for excellent communication for an efficient and effective network.
Therefore, the incoming IAWM Steering Committee should address the issue of a secretary for the chairperson, or a staff member for the IAWM office, who is supplied with necessary information regarding speakers, tours, time-tables and time schedules, accommodation needs, demonstration details, etc. so that all anti-war groups around the country do not have to access the information through the chairperson alone.
In order to facilitate effective communication and involvement throughout the island, the IAWM will hold three meetings throughout the year for delegates from all regional groups to attend with the meetings rotated around the regions.
3. Proposer; Jim Roche (Steering Committee)
That the AGM approve the following:
·      That, while recognising the bulk of work done by the IAWM is based on volunteerism, the organisation should aspire to professionalise its activities in order to be more effective against a highly organised pro-war establishment and a compliant media. The composition and organisation of the Steering Committee and its communication with groups around the country is key to achieving this.
·      The SC should reflect the broad membership of the movement. Ideally it should have representation from each affiliate group or at least a member dedicated to liaison with these groups. Likewise for members in groups from outside Dublin.
·      That a core group of the SC (identified with ©) drives policy and strategies of the IAWM.
·      That the core group agree a system of substitution when members not available.    
·      SC members should have defined responsibilities while allowing for flexibility in response to situations as they arise. The following roles/responsibilities are identified by the SC as being a minimum requirement for it to function properly. Some to double up pending members’ abilities, workload, availability etc.      
·      Chair ©
·      Vice Chair ©
·      Secretary ©
·      General PR person ©
·      Specific PR person ©
·      Meetings and tours organiser ©
·      Treasurer
·      Website person
·      Membership / data base person
·      Arts and Cultural persons (suggest a group of 3 that could double with other roles)
·      Local Action groups’ coordinator  
·      Muslim Community Liaison Person
·      IPSC Liaison Person
·      Affiliate Groups coordinator (eg for Labour Youth, Greens, SF etc)
·      US Citizens in Ireland Liaison Person
·      Student Liaison Person
·      Trade Union Liaison person
·      Poster Campaign person
·      Anti War Network Liaison person
4. Proposer; Kieran O Sullivan
General Meetings

10.     The IAWM shall hold a general meeting (AGM) within 12 months of the meeting that approves this constitution and annually thereafter. The SC shall set the date for the AGM. The members and affiliates shall be informed of the date of the AGM at least one month beforehand. The SC may decide to hold a general meeting at a date before the next AGM that is due.

Proposed change / replace point 10 with the following:
General Meetings

10.     The IAWM shall hold an annual general meeting (AGM) on the last Saturday of November.  The members and affiliates shall be informed of the date of the AGM at least one month beforehand.  The SC may decide to hold a general meeting at a date before the next AGM that is due.

Quarterly Delegate Meetings

17.                  Where practical the SC may decide to hold quarterly delegate meetings.

18.     Each affiliate and local group shall be entitled to send one delegate to the quarterly meeting. Voting at a quarterly delegate meeting is confined to SC members and delegates only. However, all members may attend and speak.

19.     A decision of a quarterly delegate meeting of the IAWM is binding on the SC and overrides any previous decisions except those made by a general meeting. This constitution may not be amended by a quarterly general meeting.

Proposed change / replace point 17 with the following:
17.     3 national meetings will be held every year at times and places to be decided by the SC.