Bus to Shannon - Sunday March 11th - To mark anniversary of Iraq invasion.

On Sunday March 11th at 2pm Shannonwatch / PANA and the Irish Anti-War Movement will gather at Shannon Airport to mark the 9th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

We invite & urge all available anti-war / peace activists available to consider joining us to mark this anniversary with a significant demonstration.
PANA & the IAWM have hired a bus which is free for all who wish to take it (a donation would be appreciated and will be requested) to travel to Shannon from Dublin on March 11th.   It leaves Heuston Station at 10.30am.
The size of the bus depends on the number that confirm they wish to come by emailing info@pana.ie at the earliest convenience.

Shannonwatch Press Release:
Since Shannon was handed over to the American forces, over 2 million armed troops have passed through. Following 12 years of crippling sanctions, their presence in Iraq resulted in up to 1 million people dying and over 2 million refugees.
Shannon has also played a significant part in the occupation of Afghanistan over the last decade. There the results are equally appalling.

Not content with supporting the Afghan and Iraq wars, the Irish political elite have now given a clear signal that they will actively support the US/EU/Israeli war on Iran. By closing the Irish embassy there, they shut the door on dialogue. Shannon is continuing to operate as a US military hub, and if Iran is invaded it will almost certainly play a part.

This war must be stopped because if it goes ahead the consequences will be even worse than those in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The demonstration at Shannon on March 11th will remember all those who have died in the wars that Shannon Airport has been part of. It will also call yet again on the Irish government to end the US military use of the airport.  

To contact Shannonwatch email shannonwatch@gmail.com or phone 087 8225087.
Website: www.shannonwatch.org.
To contact Irish Anti-War Movement email darylsouthern@hotmail.com or phone 085 2776505. Website: www.irishantiwar.org.