Fri 30th March 8pm Cassidy’s Hotel Parnell Square East Dublin - Public Meeting - Iran and Syria

30/03/2012 - 20:00
30/03/2012 - 22:00

Irish Anti-War Movement - Public Meeting:

'Solidarity with The People of Syria & Iran -

Guest speakers to include;

Simon Assaf
Dr. Abbas Edalet

Plus live link-up with Shirin Shafaie.

All are very welcome to attend. plus Facebook & #Twitter




There is real imminent danger of another war in the Middle East. The US and Britain are attempting to engineer a regime change in Syria while crippling sanctions have been imposed on Iran and its scientists have been executed as a prelude to war.

The Irish Anti-war Movement (IAWM) supports the right of the peoples in the countries of the Middle East to determine their own future but we are critical of any attempt by western powers to intervene there. As we have seen in Libya, the regime change veiled as ‘humanitarian intervention’ has cost at least 30,000 lives and reports from NGO’s tell of continued reprisals and torture. Military intervention only brings more deaths, division and misery.

Any threat that Iran poses to the West has been fabricated. Iran does not possess any nuclear weapons and has the right under International Law to develop nuclear energy for civilian use. Their nuclear programme is monitored closely by the International Atomic Energy Agency whose latest report in 2011 showed no evidence of uranium being diverted into a nuclear weapons programme. In fact not a shred of evidence has been found by any UN inspections that Iran is developing a nuclear weapons programme. Iran was one of the first countries to sign the nuclear non – proliferation treaty.

Yet Israel, who developed nuclear weapons illegally, is pushing for a military strike on Iran and regards its recent murderous attacks on Gaza as part of this strategy according to statements by foreign Minister Lieberman this week.

The US broke off diplomatic relations and has pursued a policy of sanctions against Iran since the removal of the Western backed Shah in the 1979 revolution. The national Iranian oil company is the 2nd biggest oil company in the world and was under the control of the US during the Shah’s reign until 1979. This is the big prize that the western powers and their proxy in the region, Israel, seek to control.

Western manouevering in Syria should thus be seen as a strategic move in the escalating push for war against Iran. A friendly regime in Syria would make it all the easier to execute the ultimate goal – installing a puppet government in Iran – an oil and gas rich country strategically placed in the Persian Gulf region.

Two speakers Dr. Abbas Edalat from Iran and Simon Abbas, a journalist originally from Lebanon, will explore the west’s geo-political strategies in Syria and Iran at this Public Meeting on 30 March 2012 at 8pm in Cassidy’s Hotel, Parnell Square East, Dublin. Please come along and tell others.

The world cannot afford another war! 13 March 2012

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