What is really happening in Syria? - Tariq Ali interview via STWC

1) What is really happening in Syria?
US and NATO leaders are laying the groundwork for open western military intervention in Syria. It is unclear to what extent covert intervention is already taking place -- through funding, arming and advising some of the opposition groups, and by special services operations in Syria -- but Tariq Ali's view is that it is extensive. See What is really happening in Syria? http://bit.ly/NtXQlu).
 Economic sanctions are being intensified, which, as we saw in Iraq, can be the prelude to military intervention.
 The plan is to do to Syria what happened last year to Libya: to bring about regime change favourable to western economic and strategic interests. But we only need to see what has happened to Libya since the NATO war to know how disastrous this would be for the Syrian people. See Human rights now worse in Libya than it was under Gaddafi: http://bit.ly/NHGtyp

 Stop the War's position on Syria remains as was spelt out in our statement on 11 December 2011:
Stop the War Coalition fully supports the right of the peoples in all the countries of the Middle East to determine their own future and assert democratic rights.  We are therefore implacably opposed to any external intervention, especially military intervention, in Syria. (See full statement here: http://bit.ly/xLbGV6)