US warships in Dublin - letter in Examiner


Slap in the face to Irish revolutionaries

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Regarding ‘Why we should welcome warships’ (Letters, Sept 9) Anthony Leavy is missing some basic facts.

1. Ireland does not owe its ‘democratic freedoms... to the US military’. That’s a slap in the face to Irish revolutionaries who forced the English out.

Fact: The Russian people bore the brunt of Hitler’s savagery. Almost 25 million Russians lost their lives in Second World War. China lost about ten million. The Germans lost over six million.

The US about 450,000.

The US contributed in other ways: dropping two nuclear bombs on Japan when they were asking to surrender.

Today, the United States is a thug regime. There is nothing democratic about torture and rendition and the continuous wars being waged since 9/11.

The country of my birth is, as Dr Martin Luther King Jr said in his speech ‘Beyond Vietnam — A Time to Break Silence’ "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world".

I submit that what the US military have been doing across this globe are reasons to say No.

Paul Meuse