Ireland ‘unwise to host OSCE collection of warmongers’ - LETTER IN IRISH EXAMINER, 10 DEC. 2012

Ireland ‘unwise to host OSCE collection of warmongers’

Monday, December 10, 2012

It is deeply ironic that Ireland as a neutral country should be lavishly hosting such a collection of warmongers and abusers of human rights all at the same event.

The claims made by the OSCE on its website regarding concerns for "human rights, conflict resolution, ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources and promoting the full respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms" are just not credible given the practices of the participating countries.

Such practices include the blatant abuse of human rights, restrictions of free speech and media activity, use of torture, harassment of NGOs, support for dictatorships and the proliferation of warfare and nuclear weapons.

Human rights abuses are common across the membership of the OSCE, from Britain to the Russian Federation and from Tajikistan to the USA and Israel.

Hilary Clinton’s government would happily have seen the continuation of Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

Now her government, along with Britain, is openly supporting a barbaric regime in Saudi Arabia, who helped last year to suppress pro-democracy protests in Bahrain, the home of the US Fifth Fleet.

The Israeli delegation is openly welcomed at this gathering despite its blatant subjugation of the Palestinian people, most recently by its brutal assault on Gaza and its announcement of yet more illegal settlements on Palestinian lands in the West Bank.

The primary reason Israel gets away with its horrific mistreatment of and denial of human rights to the Palestinians is the unconditional support given by Western governments, particularly the US and Britain, for its racist, apartheid policies.

The OSCE, like that other monster NATO, should be disbanded and the savings made utilised for genuine projects in exposing human rights abuses and not this big expensive charade that Irish taxpayers are hosting in Dublin.

Jim Roche
PRO Steering Committee
Irish Anti War Movement
Dublin 1