Galway Action on International day re: Guantanamo Hunger Strikers


Monday 29th April
International action day re: Guantanamo Hunger Strikers
Appointment made with Senator Lorraine Higgins,Seanad Labour Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, at her office in Athenry at her Monday clinic 11am
Questions to be asked, demands to be made.

*If you can join in please contact JAMES 085 1460404

'The U.S. Administration is in breach of all International Human Rights Laws and in particular, the Convention against Torture.
We call on the Irish Government to publicly report the U.S.A. to the appropriate assembly of United Nations.
We want Ireland to demand that Shaker Aamer is immediately released and returned to his home and family in the UK.
The Irish government must stand-up and speak out on behalf of all the 166 who have been abducted and are still being held captive in Guantanamo U.S. base. If they have not been charged and tried in court they must be returned to their own homes or given passage to a safe country with their consent.
Human Rights abuses must cease forthwith.'