EU Bows to US Pressure, Blacklists Military Wing of Hezbollah

EU Bows to US Pressure, Blacklists Military Wing of Hezbollah
By Al-Manar
July 22, 2013 

European Union Foreign Ministers announced on Monday their countries’ submission to the pressure exerted by the United States to put the military wing of Hezbollah on the EU list of terrorist organizations.

According to a European source, the decision was based to the "cause of formality" allegedly represented by the terrorist attack on the Bulgarian territory.

A bus carrying tourists was targeted at the international airport in the city of Burgas in July 18 last year, claiming five Zionists out of seven people killed in the attack.

Hezbollah strongly denied any responsibility for Burgas attack, but the US and the Zionist lobbies insist to blame the Lebanese party of Resistance which liberated most of the occupied Lebanese land in 2000 and defeated the Zionist killing machine in the July war 2006 the Zionist entity launched on Lebanon.

Since then, Western powers have spared no effort to label Hezbollah as terrorist organization.

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