Sponsor a mini-Ark for Palestinian children

Sponsor a mini-Ark attract attention to the suffering of children living under blockade


On November 30th, hundreds of Palestinian children will be reaching out to the world from the confines of the ever-tightening Israeli blockade of Gaza.

In anticipation of the spring launch of Gaza's Ark, they will gather on the Mediterranean shore with mini-Arks, 40-cm long wooden model boats representing Gaza's Ark (prototype photo above), and send them off into the sea.

These mini-Arks will send a symbolic message of defiance against an illegal blockade, made worse by Egypt's crackdown on the Rafah crossing and tunnels, which is destroying the kids' childhood and ruining their future. Their message of hope will only be possible with the support of sponsors like you from all over the world. 

Be one of those who sponsor a mini-Ark for $50, or co-sponsor one for $25. Your name (or your organization’s name) and the name of your country will be written on the mini-Ark you sponsor. 

Part of your contribution will cover the cost of materials and assembly of the mini-Arks.  The rest will help finance Gaza's Ark and its direct action "Trade not Aid" mission against the blockade.

Please visit (http://www.gazaark.org/2013/10/26/sponsor-a-mini-ark-now) to

sponsor a mini-Ark

in solidarity
Gaza's Ark Steering Committee