17/01/2014 - 13:00
18/01/2014 - 19:31


The Galway Alliance Against War will hold a Free Margaretta protest on Friday at 1 pm outside the constituency office of Labour’s Derek Nolan, beside Harbour Hotel, Galway Docks.
Asked why the local Galway peace group is targeting the Labour man’s office, GAAW’s spokesperson, Niall Farrell, said it was not some crude anti-Labour campaign:

“Back in March 2011 at the Labour Party conference to endorse entering a coalition with Fine Gael, Eamon Gilmore gave a commitment in his closing address that the new government would adopt a policy similar to that of Switzerland, which would see the end of foreign military planes involved in war in Irish airports and airspace. This would mean Ireland as a neutral state adhering to the Hague Convention. Mr. Gilmore said that the section of the Programme for Government, which stated "We will enforce the prohibition on the use of Irish airspace, airports and related facilities for purpose not in line with dictates of international law" meant exactly that.

This was not just an empty election promise, it was a public commitment. Labour has reneged on that commitment and must be challenged over it.

“We are not being simply anti-Labour. Indeed, Labour Councillor and GAAW member Colette Connolly contacted us to express her outrage at 79 year old Margaretta being put behind bars. And she informed us that she has been trying, without success, to contact Deputy Nolan to demand he raise it at the highest level within the government.

“It is outrageous that a peace activist is jailed while criminals who bankrupted this state are free. It is a scandal that someone who wants peace in the world finds herself in an Irish prison cell, while US troops and tons of US armaments are given the protection of Gardaí and Irish troops to travel freely through Shannon.”

Mr Farrell also called on people to express their solidarity with Margaretta by writing to her at Limerick Prison, Mulgrave Street. ENDS

For further information: Niall Farrell 091-792297 or 087-91597