Refugees and the Crisis in Europe - Memet Uludag, Steering Committee IAWM

Refugees and the Crisis in Europe

Memet Uludag, Steering Committee IAWM

Germany, Austria, Serbia, Holland, Hungary are all placing the army or police force on their borders and shutting down the borders to refugees.

The end of 'love' and 'care' by EU rulers begins now. No dead boy pictures will turn them back anymore. That high has been reached. That show has been played by our rulers.
That's what the quota system reality meant, didn't it?

Some may say great that the EU countries are taking in x many refugees but the next step is of course making sure the quotas are not exceeded. Each country will try to keep the refugees out. What happens to the very first refugee arriving after the quotas are full? Hence the border closures, hence the military.

Now the borders are militarised and border checks in place, the Schengen zone is effectively falling apart.

What is the brief of these armed forces? If the refugees force the borders, barricades will they shoot? If not, how can they keep them out? If yes, what will be the reaction of European people? How long will the border closures last, forever?

I guess our ministers must have all the answers for these? Surely they are more intelligent then us.

The quota system is impossible to implement. It is utter nonsense. There will be de facto refugee camps at the borders, like in Calais...

Refugees that Germany will keep out will be on Austrian soil, refugees that the Austrians will keep out will be on Hungarian soil, and so on... That means the EU states will have to get involved in one way or the other. They will be annoyed with each other. This is free market competition, enforced by military power, all for taking the least amount of refugees possible.

Quota system is a wet fantasy of the EU leaders. Well, a nightmare in fact.

Remember in Early 2015, they had expensive EU summits and came up with a 10 point plan. First 6-7 points were about:
- how to stop the refugees from crossing the seas,
- how to sink refugee boats before they depart (there was even a talk of military operations in North Africa)
- how to outsource the 'problem' to EU funded refugee camps in Africa, Middle-East etc.

They even went as far as thinking of sending in the EU/NATO war ships to put a blockade on international waters in the Mediterranean.

Of course as the incompetent ministers were fantasising about removing the supposedly 'pull factors' (probably invented in one of their meetings) they forgot that the real push factors were still there and the refugees simply had to find another way. As written in May, the Aegean and the Greek island became the new passage for the refugees. The EU ministers' 10 point plan ended in the dust bin, probably costing us tens of thousands in terms of ministerial trips to Brussels.

It is not only the refugees who are in crisis. The European rulers are too. This whole thing may turn very nasty very quickly.

Racists/fascist will love it. EU states and the right wing media will use the escalating crisis to drum up anti-refugee reactions.

Europe, unless it opens the borders and starts dealing with the issue properly, is wasting time and hurting thousands of people...