Diplomacy Remains the Only Option in Ukraine: JEFFREY D. SACHS in Project Syndicate, 090322


Although Vladimir Putin's perfidious war against Ukraine has united America and its allies behind the objective of crushing the Russian economy, there is no good reason to think that righteousness will bring an end to the bloodshed. The history of conflicts in the nuclear age has made clear that compromise is the only safe option.

Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine is horrific and barbaric. Yet it could still be ended with a diplomatic solution in which Russia withdraws its forces in exchange for Ukraine’s neutrality. Putin signaled his openness to this possibility in his recent call with French President Emmanuel Macron: “this is first and foremost about demilitarization and neutrality of Ukraine, to ensure that Ukraine will never pose a threat to Russia.” Translated into action, this could mean that NATO and Ukraine would forswear Ukraine’s future membership in the Alliance if Russia immediately withdraws from Ukraine and forswears future attacks.