IAWM Stop the War Rally 2.30pm, this Saturday 7th May, the Spire, Dublin 1.


  • IAWM Stop the War Rally 2.30pm, this Saturday 7th May, the Spire, Dublin 1.

As part of an International Day of action to calling for an end to the war in Ukraine the IAWM will hold a rally at the Spire on O Connell Street, Dublin this coming Saturday 7th May.


Speakers and performers so far include:

  • Lindsey German, Stop the War Coalition, UK
  • Richard Boyd Barrett TD
  • Marnie Holborow, IAWM
  • Roger Cole, Peace and Neutrality Alliance
  • Ed Horgan, Veterans for Peace and Shannon Watch
  • Mick O Reilly, Dublin Council of Trade Unions
  • Paul Murphy TD
  • Roisin Ryder and the Resistance Choir
  • Eoghan O’ Ceannabhainn, Singer / Musician

The IAWM condemns the brutal invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Military, its indiscriminate missile attacks, its human rights abuses and the consequent creation of a massive humanitarian crisis for millions of civilians fleeing for safety, the worst since WW2. We call for the war to stop immediately and that diplomatic negotiations be pursued to bring peace between Ukraine and Russia.

While the primary blame lies with Russia for the invasion the war has however, been escalated by the actions of NATO and has now unquestionably become a full-blown proxy war between NATO countries, particularly the US and Britain, and the Russian Federation.

Weapons and military equipment from western Governments are flowing into Ukraine. The US government has now sent over $3billion worth of weapons into Ukraine. The SAS is training Ukrainian troops inside the country, and Ukrainian generals have visited Salisbury Plain in the UK to inspect the weapons they are to receive in action.

The war mongering rhetoric of western leaders has also ratcheted up. President Biden has urged “regime change” in Russia. His Defence Secretary has stated that the US war aim is to “weaken Russia” for years to come. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that there is no point in negotiating with Putin because he is a “crocodile”. His Armed Forces Minister James Heappey has supported British weapons being used to attack targets in Russia itself while Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has declared that the full defeat of Russia is a “strategic imperative”.

All of these actions and rhetoric mean that the US and British Governments support an endless war against the Russian Federation and this seriously reduces the likelihood, and undermines the efforts, for peace through a negotiated settlement.

Putin also contemptuously and recklessly ups the ante even further by threatening the use of nuclear weapons while his puppet in the Russian state TV gloats over a video showing Ireland and Britain being wiped off the map.

This is the most dangerous situation that the world has faced since the Cuban missile crisis if not the Second World War. We must put pressure on western governments to stop the war, get an immediate ceasefire and use diplomacy to reach a peace agreement.

Join us at our peace rally tomorrow.


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