We cannot ignore the part played by the EU and the US in Ukraine war


THERE is a narrative in the West of goodies and baddies in the Ukraine war, “and if you do not talk in that narrative, then you are a baddie,” controversial MEP Clare Daly said today.

A section of the Irish establishment who never wanted neutrality now see the Ukraine invasion as an opportunity to end it completely, she warned.

Meanwhile, EU militarism and NATO are two sides of the same coin, and the arms industry is profiting hugely from the current conflict.

This was not to absolve Russia, which is “100 per cent responsible” for invading Ukraine, Ms Daly told the Casement summer school in Dun Laoghaire today.

“We have six million people forced to flee, thousands dead, the disruption of Ukraine, a food security crisis and an economic crisis, plunging the EU into a deep recession — and unambiguously Russia bears responsibility for this. They invaded and violated Ukraine’s integrity,” she said.


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