Remembering Shireen Abu Aqleh - Palestinian Journalist

Shereen Abu Aqleh Palestinian-American journalist

The poem was written by Sarah Khairbik and recited in Arabic by Wafaa Zeinah at a recent protest at the killing of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. The protest took place outside the Israeli Embassy in Dublin.

O Shireen, what glory is this!
Your body is draped in the national flag.
A pure body in our land
Symbolising in deed pure heroism!
Your flittering eyelid now closed.
Having resisted the enemies incessantly
When they attacked Jenin in broad daylight
How disgraceful these enemies are!
They kill women in cold blood!
Terrible! Soldiers kill amid silence from all!
O Shireen, your pure body was clad in red
As the blood of heroism hugged a pen in your hand
O God, my prayer to her soul
How unjust to be killed in a sacred shrine.
Are there any vibrant consciences left?
Our city is savagely ransacked and our rights totally denied.
Are there any people of resolve?
Are there any people of resolve?
To act now and only now!
Sons of our Arab nation wake up ,wake up
Let us pay with our lives for our homeland
This is the last price we should pay