The Galway Alliance Against War will hold its annual general meeting :– Wednesday 4th March - at 8.30pm in Richardson’s, number 1, Eyre Square, Galway City.

The local peace group was founded over 7 years ago to oppose Ireland playing any part in George W. Bush’s so-called “war on terror” and has consistently opposed Shannon airport being used by the US armed forces travelling to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as for CIA planes involved in the “extraordinary rendition” programme.


According to GAAW’s spokesperson, Niall Farrell, the group had hoped the election of President Obama would have meant the organisation could have disbanded: “Unfortunately, that has not proved to be the case. The occupation of Iraq continues and it appears even after the US withdrawal there will still be 50,000 US troops in that country. Worse still, President Obama is intensifying US involvement in Afghanistan – that means more troops through Shannon airport. It also means more innocent Afghanis and Pakistanis being killed. In the first week of his presidency, Barak Obama sanctioned two rocket attacks that left 22 people dead, 18 of them women and children.


“One positive development is that the new US President is committed to closing the Gunatanamo prison camp. But the “extraordinary rendition” programme will continue, the CIA flights with torturers on board will travel like before through Shannon. The only difference will be that the victims of “extraordinary rendition” will be outsourced to brutal regimes to carry out the dirty work.”



For further information: 087-9159787 or 091-792297