Ireland first EU state to declare Israeli settlements 'annexation': Irish Examiner, 270521

The significance of this is profound. To have an EU Minister for Foreign Affairs saying these things and an EU Government voting for this motion is so positive. We must now hold the Government to account when Israel tries its next evictions.

Kudos to all the activists whose work over many years has brought us here. Onwards and upwards. We must now completely isolate the Israeli Apartheid State. Sanctions and expulsion of Israeli Ambassador next!

"In a significant move, Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney said the scale, pace and nature of Israel's actions amount to "de facto annexation".

He told the Dáil that a return to "business as usual" and the expansion of illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory cannot be accepted.

"That is simply no longer an option in my view.

We cannot return to the flouting of international law, with the expansion of illegal settlements into occupied Palestinian territory.