Amnesty International presents: Gig for Justice for Gaza

20/09/2009 - 19:30
Demanding Justice for War Crimes in Gaza and Southern Israel

Interactive Map (Palestine)

Israel Plays Up Iran-as-Threat mythology

"Even in a time of dialogue, the international community must ready harsh and more active sanctions so that Iran will understand what is on the agenda. It is not only Iran that is testing international determination but also other countries in the Middle East that are being threatened by Iran." So says Israeli Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, in an interview reported on (July 30th.) Shovelled into this fire-stoking is the notion that Iran threatens other countries in the Middle East, when no such threat has ever been represented. Possibly if the Iran Yarn can be peddled sufficiently, it will be made to take the emphasis from US demands for Israel to cease settlement-building and get down to serious talks; no sanctions, of course, are threatened against Israel for either keeping a nuclear arsenal or continuing to defy the United States on the settlement issue.

Israel bans mention of 'nakba' from Arab schoolbooks

The Guardian newspaper (July 24th) reports in a long piece that Israel is now banning all mention of the Nakba - the forced removal of Arabs from their homelands during the establishment of the Israeli State - from Palestinian Arab school textbooks.

One can imagine, without making other comparisons, the justifiable outrage there would be were the word 'shoah' to be treated in the same way in any European country. Israel is clearly attempting to remove Palestinian history as well as Palestinian culture, thus moving further towards relegating Palestinian Arabs to the level of a non-people. This has appalling historical resonances. Yet European politicians stand aside from condemning it - Irish politicians, one feels, will similarly do absolutely nothing.

We are witnessing the slow obliteration of an entire people; by the gun, the bomb, intellectually and now even by educators. For this reason it is legitimate to call upon our teachers' organisations as well as our writers and politicians immediately to condemn this latest move, and to do so in letters to national newspapers the better to alert Irish people to what is going on. Perhaps too an Irish politician will stand up.

Britain halts some arms exports to Israel in response to Gaza conflict

Smoke over Gaza City

(Suhaib Salem/Reuters) Smoke rises over Gaza City after a bombardment from air, land and sea by Israeli forces in January

Sheera Frenkel in Jerusalem

Britain became the first country to halt arms exports to Israel in response to its Gaza offensive, rescinding five export licences for parts used on warships which were deployed in the conflict.

An Israeli official said that Britain had reviewed 182 licenses before deciding to revoke the five in connection with the Saar 4.5 class corvette. The British Embassy in Tel Aviv confirmed the move but said that it did not constitute an embargo on Israel.

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