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New Labour became more Tory than Tories

New Labour built on it and deepened inequality in Britain, writes VINCENT BROWNE

IF EVER a government deserved to be removed from office, the New Labour government in Britain does, that is of course aside from our own Government, which, in the league of governments that must be removed asap, is top of the premiership. Instead of undoing the Thatcherite legacy New Labour compounded it.

It was more warmongering than its Tory predecessor and, disgracing its socialist lineage, New Labour made Britain even more unequal than it had been in the Thatcher-Major era.

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Obama, Britain and the age of permanent war

John PilgerIn the coming election campaign in Britain, the candidates will refer to this war only to laud "our boys". The candidates are almost identical political mummies, shrouded in the Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes. As Blair demonstrated a mite too eagerly, the British elite love America because America allows them to barrack and bomb the natives and call themselves "partners". We should interrupt their fun.

By John Pilger | New Statesman | 26 March 2010

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Who pays for the biggest war machine the world has ever known?

Do US tax payers know that 53% of every dollar the government takes from them goes to the military? How many ask, is this really where I want my money going?

By Dave Lindorff | Common Dreams | 14 April 2010 

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Matthias Chiroux: Beyond Flagatory

Nearly 43 years ago to the day, Martin Luther King delivered one of his two most famous speeches: Beyond Vietnam. For the first time, King took a hard-line stance in opposition to the Vietnam War, drawing a connection between the struggle for civil rights and the struggle for peace.

While this speech is remembered as one of the most positive and defining moments of his life, at the time King made it, he was widely condemned, not just by the media and the American mainstream, but by his own colleagues in the civil rights movement.

As a result of that speech, many of King’s closest allies became his harshest critics overnight. The NAACP and members of his own Southern Christian Leadership Conference went so far as to issue a statement countering King’s message, painting him as a rouge, self-serving voice within an otherwise patriotic movement.

European Days of Action against nuclear weapons.

Actions for nuclear disarmament at nuclear weapon bases all over Europe

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