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13/03/2010 - 21:00
13/03/2010 - 23:59
LoveMusic HateRacism kick's off European Week Against Racism with a gig at Le Cirk,Dame St,Dublin 2 on Saturday 13th March.
European Week Against Racism(EWAR) runs from 13th to 21st March, where thousands of people actively engage in activities to promote and celebrate equal rights and the diversity of Europe. The week centres around 21 March which was declared International Day for the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination by the United Nations as a response to the murder of 69 anti-apartheid demonstrators in Sharpeville, South Africa in 1960.

This year LoveMusic HateRacism be kicking EWAR off on the 13th of March @ Le Cirk, Dame St , Dublin 2. And with 3 floors of live music and Djs,and a little spoken work ,it's promising to to be a real celebration of music and diversity.

Acts supporting the European Week Against Racism Launch are...


Why is Shaker Aamer still in Guantanamo?


All the other UK Guantanamo detainees have returned home. President Obama’s pledge to close Guantanamo by January 2010 has not been met but, gradually, detainees are being transferred to countries willing to accept them. They are detainees, cleared for release, who can not return home. Shaker Aamer’s case is different. He has a home in Battersea, wife, four young children and family members waiting for his return.

So why is Shaker Aamer still in Guantanamo? Why is he still there after more than 8 years, many of them spent in solitary confinement?

GALWAY Fundraiser for Progressive Women Groups in Afghanistan

05/03/2010 - 21:00

Galway Alliance Against War (GAAW) does not believe the conflict in Afghanistan is a "good war".

GAAW will hold a fundraiser for progressive women groups in Afghanistan Woodquay's Rowing Club, Galway City Friday 5th March 9pm.  Admission to ceili/disco. contact

Last month Malalai Joya, a female Afghani MP, addressed a Galway audience by phone from the Afghan capitol and stated that although the US asserted to have occupied her country under the banner of women's rights and democracy this was untrue: "In fact they replaced the medieval regime of the Taliban with a brutal regime of the fundamentalist warlords of the Northern Alliance, who are as criminal, ignorant, anti-women and anti-democracy as the Taliban." Ms Joya and her colleagues risk life and limb on a daily basis to offer young girls an education. It has to be done in secret, as the ruling warlords, like the Taliban, oppose schools for girls.

Blackwater Changed Name to Receive Raytheon Contract

The private military firm Blackwater came under scrutiny Wednesday  at a congressional hearing on its operations in Afghanistan. The Senate Armed Services Committee heard testimony the military giant Raytheon asked Blackwater to come up with a different name so it could be awarded a subcontract without stirring controversy. Blackwater created the subsidiary “Paravant” as a result

No to Nato: Resolution from Finnish Peacefighters

February 14th 2010

[Translated by Agneta Norberg]

The district organisation of Finnish Peacefighters in Lapland has expressed its dismay in view of the fact that the political leadership in Finland, in an alarming way, takes part in the militarization of the world.

This was shown at a meeting on Valentines Day here in Kemi.

From February 8th to February 14th ,German troops together with the Finnish Army tested transport helicopters in Arctic conditions in Rovaniemi (A city in the middle of Lapland where there is an airfield, my notice - translator).

During the same week there was a program on Finnish TV about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles beeing tested in Lapland at the Kemijärvi Airfield.

This actual training area stretches to the Russian border and follows the border tens of kilometers.

Unmanned drones are used for surveillance and war missions. ROBONIC, a Finnish Corporation, producing UAVs, has its office in Tammerfors, and is hosting this activity and offers it products to the world market.

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