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Former Guantanamo Detainee Moazzam Begg - Speaking in Dublin on Monday

08/02/2010 - 19:00

Moazzam Begg will give us his personal story of torture and detention as well as his life as an activist that he has embarked on since his release.


  • Moazzam Begg - Former Guantanamo Detainee.
  • Zachary Katznelson - Reprieve.
  • Sophie Weller - The Centre for Constitutional Rights.
  • Colm O'Gorman - Amnesty International Irish Section.

Venue: Irish Aid Centre on O'Connell Street Dublin 1.

Date & Time: Monday 8th February 2010 7pm

Note: Reprieve and CCR are the two organisations who have organised legal representation for the men in Guantanamo.

Israel warns Syria of defeat in war

Israel warns Syria of defeat in war


Israel's foreign minister today said Damascus would be defeated and President Bashar al-Assad would lose power in any future conflict in response to Syria's accusation Israel was pushing for a war.

"Our message must be clear to Assad. You will not just lose the next war, you and your family will lose power. Neither you nor the Assad family will remain in power," Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said in a speech near Tel Aviv.


“America’s Secret Afghan Prisons”: Investigation Unearths New US Torture Site, Abuse Allegations in Afghanistan

“America’s Secret Afghan Prisons”: Investigation Unearths New US Torture Site, Abuse Allegations in Afghanistan


A new investigation by journalist Anand Gopal reveals harrowing details about US secret prisons in Afghanistan, under both the Bush and Obama administrations. Gopal interviewed Afghans who were detained and abused at several disclosed and undisclosed sites at US and Afghan military bases across the country. He also reveals the existence of another secret prison on Bagram Air Base that even the Red Cross does not have access to. It is dubbed the Black Jail and is reportedly run by US Special Forces.

US War Spending Increases in Record $3.8T Budget Request

War Spending Increases in Record $3.8T Budget Request

President Obama has unveiled a record $3.8 trillion budget that boosts money for war while cutting domestic spending.

President Obama: “I’ve proposed a freeze in government spending for three years. This won’t apply to the benefits folks get through Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare, and and it won’t apply to our national security, including benefits for veterans. But it will apply to all other discretionary government programs.”

Under Obama’s proposal, the Pentagon budget would grow over three percent in addition to separate funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for a total of over $741 billion. The new budget contains no major weapons cancellations as opposed to last year’s gutting of the F-22 fighter jet. Obama is also seeking a $7 billion increase in nuclear spending despite a pledge to cut the US arsenal and seek a nuclear weapons-free world. The Labor Department would see a 32 percent cut, most from declining unemployment benefits and stimulus spending.

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