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France opens first military base in oil-rich Persian Gulf

France opened its first overseas military base since the end of colonialism in the United Arab Emirates. It is also France's first military base in the oil-rich Persian Gulf and the first foreign military installation built by France for 50 years and its first ever base outside French or African soil. The base is called "Peace Camp", just to make sure you think it's got nothing to do with the military. The base will host 500 troops.
The move sends a signal to Iran that France is determined to isolate it.

North Korea's nuclear test in perspective

North Korea recently conducted a nuclear test. No one should have nuclear weapons and they should be eliminated worldwide. Over the 1945-2009 period, 8 countries carried out 2,054 nuclear explosions: North Korea has 2, the US 1,032. The full list according to Associated Press:



FRANCE - 210

CHINA - 45





So there should be more panic about American tests than about North Korea's.

Mathis Chiroux gives a harrowing account of his experience in the US Military at the IAWM AG

The News from Ireland

Anyone who watched the media coverage of the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 would think that journalists had never before reported from the scene of a war. The truth, of course, is very different.

Reportage of war is almost as old as newspapers themselves and journalists have a chequered history of sending dispatches from the battlefields. The coverage of the was in Iraq was different because it was the first time since World War I that journalists allowed themselves to be ‘embedded’ in the armies of the invading forces - a tactic that was to prove as misguided in 2003 as it did almost 100 years earlier when British journalists became the messenger boys of army generals on the battlefields of Europe.

Neutraility in tatters

US vice-president visits troops at Shannon

THE DEPARTMENT of Foreign Affairs says it had no information about a stop-off by US vice-president Joe Biden at Shannon airport on Monday night.

A spokesman for the department said it was “conceivable” Mr Biden had visited the airport without informing them as he was scheduled to visit eastern Europe this week. Senior sources at Shannon airport said there was tight security when Air Force Two, the official aircraft of the vice-president, touched down on a refuelling stop shortly after 11pm.

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