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NO MORE BLOOD FOR: oil, gas, Obama, Kissinger, Brezezinski!

Pipeline-Istan: Everything You Need to Know About Oil, Gas, Russia, China, Iran, Afghanistan and Obama

By Pepe Escobar, Posted May 13, 2009.


Stop the Slaughter of Tamils protest

13/05/2009 - 13:30
15/05/2009 - 13:12

Stop the Slaughter of Tamils protest on  Wednesday 13th of May 2009 at 1.30 pm

Outside Dail, Kildare Street, Dublin.

All are welcome to attend.

Obama plans to increase military spending over last year

The fiscal 2010 defense budget proposal is $533.7 billion, not including $130 billion more for overseas combat operations. Together the total is $663.7 billion--that's a 1.4% increase in total military spending from fiscal 2009. Maybe when one considers inflation this is actually keeping military expenditure at the same level as in 2009.
It was to be expected that military spending would not be cut drastically, and that it could even be increased,
in order to stimulate the economy in times of economic crisis. This is one of the main functions of military spending, especially in the US.

The Iranian Nuclear “Crisis” by Julien Mercille (IAMW)

The current Iranian nuclear crisis started in 2002 when accusations were made that Tehran had not reported everything it should have reported to the IAEA in relation to
its nuclear activities. Iran had indeed committed infractions, but those were relatively minor, and have now been dealt with. Nevertheless, a crisis had been triggered and the
IAEA was called upon to examine Iran’s nuclear activities, which it has been doing intensively since then.

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Stg Matthis Chiroux - US Soldier Refuses to Return to Iraq

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