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US using white phosphorus in Afghanistan

The US is using white phosphorus in Afghanistan to attack the Taliban. The official US military policy on the use of white phosphorus is to use it only as a source of illumination or as a smoke screen, but in the case reported in that article, white phosphorus was used to attack Taliban.

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press release from Tamils

Dear Editors and Journalist,


Reports that the Irish Forum for Peace in Sri Lanka receives from the so called ‘Safe Zone’ say around 25,000 civilians injured in the artillery attack of Sri Lanka Army are dead and dying now without receiving medical attention.


8 priests, 3 nuns and hundreds of children are reported to be in bunkers for days not being able to come out due to heavy bombardment by the SL military.

Torture photos

The Sydney Morning Herald released new pictures of torture in Abu Ghraib. Presumably they are among the photos, the release of which President Obama is now attempting to block.

The Madmen did well. By John Pilger

Obama is part of the problem. By Fatima Bhutto

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