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Public Meeting – After Paris: Stop the Terror, Stop the Wars

26/11/2015 - 20:00

IAWM BULLETIN 24 November 2015

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1. IAWM Public Meeting – After Paris: Stop the Terror, Stop the Wars
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Date / Time: Thursday 26th November, 7.30pm

Venue: Academy Plaza Hotel, 10-14 Findlater Place, Dublin 1 (off Marlborough Street, Parnell Street East end)

Speakers include:

Richard Boyd Barret, TD
Clare Daly TD
Mick Wallace TD
and others

As suffering and tension escalate in the Middle East and around Europe it is more important than ever to end the vicious cycle of wars, terror, more wars and more terror. Further bombing in Syria as a response to the horrififc Paris terror attacks is not the solution. It will not work and will only kill and wound more civilians, make many homeless, create more refugees, lead to further sectarian division, quite likely strenghten Daesh and deepen the hatred within the Middle East towards western powers and all things western. An alternative to war and terror must be found.

Come along to this important meeting to hear some suggestions as to how we can stop the new mad rush to war by western political leaders.



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Janet Fenton (Scottish CND) Talk About Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Trident and the Corbyn Phenomenon

09/10/2015 - 19:30
10/10/2015 - 00:00

Shannonwatch are delighted to host a talk by Janet Fenton of Scottish CND in Limerick's Pery Hotel, Glentworth St. on Friday 9th October at 7.30pm. The talk will cover the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons, the UK Trident programme, and nuclear non-proliferation campaigning. Janet will also talk about the 'Corbyn phenomenon' as a follow up to the extraordinary levels of political engagement that occurred during the Scottish 2014 independence referendum.

Janet is an international campaigner with the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF). She has been active in nuclear disarmament campaigning. Her work to address the humanitarian and developmental consequences of nuclear weapons looks at the particular relevance for women and girls, and examines the ways in which gender structures stand in the way of disarmament. She is an active supporter of the Humanitarian Pledge, initiated by the Austrian Government, which aims to fill the legal gap in the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons, and now signed by 117 countries.

Janet will speak at a number of events in Ireland in the course of a 4 day visit which is hosted by the Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA).

For more information phone 087 8225087 or email


Refugees and the Crisis in Europe - Memet Uludag, Steering Committee IAWM

Refugees and the Crisis in Europe

Memet Uludag, Steering Committee IAWM

Germany, Austria, Serbia, Holland, Hungary are all placing the army or police force on their borders and shutting down the borders to refugees.

The end of 'love' and 'care' by EU rulers begins now. No dead boy pictures will turn them back anymore. That high has been reached. That show has been played by our rulers.
That's what the quota system reality meant, didn't it?

Some may say great that the EU countries are taking in x many refugees but the next step is of course making sure the quotas are not exceeded. Each country will try to keep the refugees out. What happens to the very first refugee arriving after the quotas are full? Hence the border closures, hence the military.

Now the borders are militarised and border checks in place, the Schengen zone is effectively falling apart.

What is the brief of these armed forces? If the refugees force the borders, barricades will they shoot? If not, how can they keep them out? If yes, what will be the reaction of European people? How long will the border closures last, forever?

I guess our ministers must have all the answers for these? Surely they are more intelligent then us.

The quota system is impossible to implement. It is utter nonsense. There will be de facto refugee camps at the borders, like in Calais...

Refugees that Germany will keep out will be on Austrian soil, refugees that the Austrians will keep out will be on Hungarian soil, and so on... That means the EU states will have to get involved in one way or the other. They will be annoyed with each other. This is free market competition, enforced by military power, all for taking the least amount of refugees possible.

Quota system is a wet fantasy of the EU leaders. Well, a nightmare in fact.

Eamon Mc Cann's article on the west's support for Saudi Arabian dictatorship

Eamon Mc Cann's article on the west's support for Saudi Arabian dictatorship -


Help the refugees and stop the wars fuelling the crisis - UNPUBLISHED OP ED SENT TO BROADSHEETS

Help the refugees and stop the wars fuelling the crisis

The UN says that the overwhelming majority of refugees are fleeing from intolerable conditions and devastation caused by wars in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and beyond. In all of these wars, western countries have played a central role.

Iraq and Afghanistan were destabilised by the US-led airstrikes, occupations and the installations of sectarian proxy governments.

The NATO bombing of Libya in 2011, in a direct attempt by western powers to influence the course of the Arab Revolutions, contributed directly to the civil war and social breakdown that has allowed that country to become the main conduit for refugees fleeing across the Mediterranean. These refugees have been further exploited and victimized by heartless traffickers, leading to thousands of deaths on the shores of Europe.

The current Syrian conflict, from which most of the refugees are fleeing, began as a brutal suppression of peaceful protests by Assad’s forces, but quickly became a civil war. For some time now, the situation has developed into a proxy war between the west and Russia as part of a new cold war centered on Ukraine.

The rise of Isis was fueled by post-occupation US policies in Iraq, not least by installing Shia leaders and punishing many Sunni men in prison camps like Camp Bucca in Southern Iraq. Continued ongoing western funding, arming and training of opposition groups in Syria, mainly through the conduit of Saudi Arabia, only exacerbates the horror.

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