Peace Platform Statement

The Irish Anti-War Movement, The People’s Movement and PANA commit themselves to campaign for the State to immediately formally withdraw from all military an financial commitments under PESCO.

We are further agreed to campaign both collectively and individually for such a withdrawal.

We call on the support of local and national groups, organisations and elected representatives. We commit ourselves to work with all Oireachtas members that oppose PESCO and to encourage them to form an Oireachtas Group to further opposition within the Oireachtas and to provide permanent liaison.

We pledge ourselves to work with like minded groups within the EU also committed to exposing the accelerated militarisation of the EU. Where possible we will seek to establish local Irish peace groups to campaign for these objectives.

Homes Not Bombs - National Protest: Housing is a Human Right - Sat 7th April 2018 1pm Garden of Remembrance Dublin

As the government is set to spend BILLIONS on signing us up to PESCO the Irish Ant-War Movement has decided to support the Housing Is A Human Right Day of Action on Sat 7th April 2018.  If we can spend money on weapons we can provide affordable housing.

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Annual General Meeting (AGM) - 13.15 to 14.00 - Sat 27th Janurary 2018 - The Teachers Club Dublin

The Irish Anti-War Movement will hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 27th Janurary 2018  in The Teachers Club Parnell Square Dublin .


13:15 - 13:30 Registration

Renewing Membership registration can also be done on-line  by signing up to this event.  You must create a user login if you have not already done so and then register.  You can also pay your subscription on-line.

13:30 - 14:30 Motions & Elections 

Motions and Election of Steering Committee members

14:30 - 16:00 Public Meeting - No EU Army Oppose PESCO - There is No Need to Join the IAWM to Attend

For details of the public meeting click here.

If a Bomb Goes off in Mogadishu Does Anyone Hear?

According to Al Jazeera [1] "the world reacts to the bombing in Somalia in which at least 276 people died". The bombing which happened on Saturday 14th October 2017. Has receive almost no coverage in Western media and The Tweeter in Chief has little to say, just a bland statement from the Department of State in Washington.

The conservative YouTube channels who make so much about attacks in Europe have nothing to say about this.

At least 276 people died in a bombing in Somalia and the human race is diminished by their loss.

[1] -…