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U.S. Church to burn Koran on 9/11

Church to burn Koran outrages Muslims

Florida’s Dove World Outreach Center to burn the Islamic holy text on church grounds in remembrance of the victims of 9/11.

The world’s pre-eminent Sunni Muslim institution of learning has condemned a Florida church’s plans to host a Koran-burning ceremony on September 11.

In a statement carried by local media on Thursday, Al-Azhar’s Supreme Council in Egypt accused the church of stirring up hate and discrimination and called on other American churches to condemn the event.
The Dove World Outreach Center is planning to burn the Islamic holy text on church grounds in remembrance of the victims of 9/11. Organizers are using its website and social-networking sites like Facebook to promote the event.


Things can only get worse in Afghanistan by Tariq Ali

Tariq Ali says it is time for Obama to abandon all pretences used to justify a war that can only lead to more deaths but no solution. An exit strategy is now desperately needed.
By Tariq Ali

13 August 2010

David Cameron's post-WikiLeaks remarks on Pakistan helping the enemy in the Hindu Kush shouldn't be taken too seriously. The carefully orchestrated "outburst" in India was designed to please his hosts and seal a few business deals (Cameron and Cable are fagging for the British arms industry). It's all part of the schmoozing.
Pakistan's official response was equally disingenuous. Since it's impossible for Islamabad to attack the organ grinder, it went for the monkey.

Meanwhile all sides know full well what the Pakistan army has been doing with various Taliban factions since Afghanistan was occupied nearly nine years ago. Three years ago a US intelligence agent was shot dead by a Pakistani soldier at such talks – as reported in the Pakistani press. A source close to the Pakistani military told me last year in Islamabad that US intelligence agents were present at recent talks between the ISI and the insurgents. No reason for anybody to be surprised. The cause, too, is clear. The war cannot be won.

150 Irish artists pledge to boycott Israel

CONOR SULLIVAN in Irish Times, 13 August 2010

A CULTURAL boycott of Israel was launched yesterday, with more than 150 Irish artists announcing that they intend not to perform or exhibit in Israel, or to accept any funding from institutions linked to the Israeli government.

The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) said it was in protest at Israel’s “treatment of the Palestinian people”.

Raymond Deane of the IPSC cited a statement from the Israeli Foreign Ministry in 2005 saying they considered culture a propaganda tool.

He said: “Artists who perform there are backing it [the Israeli government] whether they like it or not.”

The pledge signed by the artists states the boycott would continue, “until such time as Israel complies with international law and universal principles of human rights”. Mr Deane said: “You can’t really pin this down”, but it means, “at least an end of the occupation of Palestine; dismantling or at least stopping the settlements; and Israel negotiating in good faith with the Palestinians”.

An Israeli embassy spokesman said the boycott “was regrettable and ill-advised” and that “vilifying and ostracising Israel and promoting a lose-lose programme of boycotts is not the way to secure legitimate Palestinian rights”.

Israeli ‘blood diamonds’ no better than Naomi’s

THE continuing saga of the supermodel Naomi Campbell, the alleged war criminal Charles Taylor and blood diamonds has proven irresistible for the broadcast and print media.

However, despite all the coverage, nobody has pointed out the gaping hole in the Kimberley Process (KP) regulations which are supposed to prevent the trade in blood diamonds.

The KP definition of a blood diamond is restricted to "rough diamonds used by rebel movements". This narrow definition facilitates the trade in diamonds that funds human rights abuses committed by governments.

In June the KP failed to reach agreement on banning diamond exports from Zimbabwe which, although associated with gross human rights abuses, could not be classed as blood diamonds as the abuses were committed by government forces.

However, the much larger elephant in the room is Israel — the world’s top diamond exporter. Revenue from the Israeli diamond industry funds the sort of human rights abuses the Kimberley Process is supposed to prevent.

Israel has already been found guilty of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity by a UN investigation and is currently the subject of another UN investigation for its assault on a flotilla carrying aid to Gaza which left nine civilians dead.

IPSC Action: Petition hand-in - Thousands demand that Dunnes stop stocking Israeli goods

29/07/2010 - 13:00
29/07/2010 - 14:00

This Thursday 29th July 2010 at 1pm, the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) will deliver a petition to Dunnes Stores signed by thousands of shoppers across Ireland. The petition demands that Dunnes Stores stop stocking Israeli products, until Israel respects Palestinian rights and international law.

Note: You can still sign the petition online before Thursday morning by clicking here: - Thanks!


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