John Pilger on Syria and US war threats. The Guardian 100913.


Radio interview of Yasser Munif: inside the Syrian Revolution and What the Left Must Do

A Conversation with Yasser Munif: Inside the Syrian Revolution and What the Left Must Do

Dr. Yasser Munif, professor at Emerson College, has recently visited Syria, witnessed the revolution there, and has spoken and written about it (including an interview with scholar Nigel Gibson at Jadaliyya.) He talks about what he saw, the troubles facing revolutionaries in Syria, the very oppositional distinction between revolutionaries and jihadists, and more. And he talked about the Left’s perception of what’s going on, and how so many are getting it wrong on Syria.

Listen to the interview on the following link:

A full transcript of the interview has been posted at SyriaFreedomForever.



George Monbiot on Syria and the hypocrisy of US Government, The Guardian, 091113.

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