Take Action - There's no safe place left in Syria - not even hospitals

Note: This article is not written by the Irish Anti-War Movement and the views in it do not necessarily represent the Irish Anti-War Movement we do however agree that any and all pressure must be used to stop hospitals being used in this way.

Syrian death squads are killing protesters in their hospital beds, whilst Russia arms the regime and blocks international action to end the carnage. But pressure is building in the region, and if enough of us speak out now, we could persuade Turkey and Germany to use their leverage to get Russia to stop propping up this murderous regime. Join me, sign the urgent petition and tell everyone:

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Eight protesters killed in Syria

Eight protesters killed in Syria

Amnesty Video from Syria

Syria: Thousands still fleeing into Turkey

Syrian displaced in Red Crescent camp in Altinozu, Turkey

At least 4,300 people have now fled violence in Syria to seek refuge in Turkey, a senior Turkish official says.

A BBC correspondent on the border says the real number of displaced people is probably much higher.

An eyewitness described a tank attack on a nearby village on Friday morning, in which people were killed and crops destroyed.


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