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"Another exhibitor with a strong presence is Elbit, the Israeli specialist in unmanned aerial vehicles or drones, and a joint venture partner, with Thales, in the Watchkeeper unmanned air system being developed for British forces." We know what drones do. Please be aware also that TCD are involved in a research consortium with Elbit that is EU funded and supervised by a former Irish Government Minister - Maire Geoghan Quinn. More on that anon.

Video: Former US Army Col. Ann Wright Speaking in Galway

Part 1: Col. Ann Wright Speaks in Galway

Part 2: Col. Ann Wright Speaks in Galway

Part 3: Col. Ann Wright Speaks in Galway

Part 4: Col. Ann Wright Speaks in Galway

REPRIEVE's Drone Strikes Report

Drone strikes

Reported deaths: Up to 3,180
Locations: Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen

The CIA drones programme is both the next phase in the so-called ‘War on Terror’ and the death penalty without trial. Reprieve is therefore working to expose and challenge the programme, along with Islamabad lawyer Shahzad Akbar and various international and Pakistani artists and activists.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reports that up to 3,180 people have been killed by US unmanned aircraft, or 'drones', in Pakistan since 2004 - with the numbers rapidly escalating under President Obama. As many as 1,007 victims have been wholly innocent, including 175 children. In Yemen, approximately forty drone strikes during the past decade have killed up to 138 civilians. Strikes in Somalia - commenced in 2007 - have reportedly taken up to 169 innocent lives so far.

Former US diplomat cautions against Irish Nato involvement


Ann Wright, a former US diplomat and the highest ranking member of the US military to resign over the Iraq war, has cautioned against Ireland getting involved in Nato.

Ms Wright was special guest at a joint Irish Anti-War Movement/ Peace and Neutrality Alliance meeting in Dublin yesterday. She is most noted for having been one of three state department officials to publicly resign in protest at the 2003 US invasion of Iraq.

“I would urge the citizens of Ireland to really push back on this attempt to get Ireland as a part of the Nato forces. We have seen what has happened in Afghanistan and the numbers of Afghans that have been killed in by military operations,” said Ms Wright.

Ms Wright praised Ireland’s record of neutrality but warned it was now being “shopped around” by Nato. “They are trying to get Ireland to join up with them .The secretary general of Nato, Rasmussen, is here today to try and convince the Irish Government to join up with Nato,” she said.

Slippery slope

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, on a visit to Dublin this week, encouraged Ireland to get involved in more Nato projects and to develop its defence forces. Ms Wright described any involvement of Ireland with Nato as a “slippery slope”.

“It’s a much different road than working with UN forces doing peace keeping operations in Lebanon, [as] Ireland has done for a long time.”

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